About Us

About Us

A home grown brand, with a purpose to make traditional hair & skin care solutions attainable, House of Ayurveda was founded in 2020.
We believe we are on a quest of bringing back the power of Ayurveda and nature’s most effective and hardworking ingredients. 

Our Story

Our journey started in our founder, Chaitanya Sinha’s kitchen as he struggled to find a solution for his incessant hair fall, owing to his lifestyle. Having tried multiple things, it was only his mother’s home-made hair oil that eventually gave him his hair back! 
That’s when he realized that the power of traditional & age-old solutions is what is effective and relevant even today, thus making it his mission to make these solutions accessible to all!

Why Us?

Our philosophy is rooted in our outlook towards traditional remedies: effective, pure & ethical.  
We are inspired by our heritage, and our goal is to provide the most effective beauty solutions that are ethically sourced.